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What You Should Know About Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries are called Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Batteries and differ from the regular alkaline batteries we often use, as they are activated when you peel the sticker off the battery. 

This exposes the battery to the air in the environment, creating a chemical reaction once the sticker is peeled off
This being said, it is a good idea to leave the batteries alone until they are ready to be used, at which time you should take off the sticker from the battery.

In addition, since the batteries are stored in a dormant state, they can take a few minutes to fully "activate".  Thus, it is best to peel the stickers off and wait 2-3 minutes before inserting them into your hearing aids, otherwise there may not be enough of a charge to run your hearing aids.
There are many choices out there, with many brands of batteries.  They are often found at your local drug store and also at your hearing aid dispenser or Audiologist's office.

Battery Sizes

Batteries come in standard sizes, so if your battery pack says size A10, 10A, ZA10, etc, any size 10 hearing aid battery will fit.  This would also apply to the size 675, 13 and Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries also.

Here are the common battery sizes and each has a specific color coding:
Size 10 (Yellow Tab
Size 312 (Brown Tab)
Size 13 (Orange Tab)
Size 675 (Blue Tab)

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