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New Wireless Technology now in Hearing Aids!

What does this mean for you?

As you may have already heard, new wireless technology are now being used in several digital hearing aids.  One of them, called Epoq and Dual from Oticon actually communicates with each other to present a single, balanced picture for your brain to process.

According to Oticon:  "With Epoq as your personal "Sound compass" you won't be in any doubt as to what sounds are and where they are coming from.  Whether it's a car coming from the side or a person calling you from behind, you'll be able to hear and locate them in an instant.  Because your ears will tell you where to look.  

And that's not all, as well as helping you locate and interpret the sounds around you, Epoq also helps you get the best out of devices such as mobile phones and other electronic equipment.:

An even newer entrant into the wireless market is the Phonak Exelia, Naida and Audeo YES.  According to Phonak:  Exelia with, without a doubt, the most sophisticated hearing instrument ever introduced.  The unique combination of cutting-edge technology, audiological expertise and wireless connectivity offer you:

  • Unprecendented hearing performance
  • Convenient control
  • Easy access to modern communication and entertainment systems
Exelia celebrates the diversity of personal communication needs with comprehensive, tailored hearing solutions for everyone."

Both models incorporate bluetooth technology, thus allowing you to connect to bluetooth devices and have the ability to hear conversations through both hearing aids wirelessly, which is great for phone conversations.  They also allow you to adjust the volume on both instruments simultaneously.

Here are the pros and cons as I see it:


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Wireless communication between hearing aids
  • Easier volume control and program changes


  • Higher costs
  • Requires a box with a small wire that you wear around your neck, like a pendant
  • Slightly larger sized hearing aid(s)

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